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Read why Speakeasy Solutions has such a positive impact on our clients’ personal and professional lives, and how you can experience the same.

Why Speakeasy Solutions?

Jon Pascoe
Management Consultant

My compliments to Dean and Alexandria for an excellent purchase, download and installation process.

Dean and I spent about 90 minutes Friday afternoon installing the software. I have used Dragon since 1997, so am reasonably familiar with installation and training.

Dean completed the installation flawlessly and made many adjustments beyond my technical aptitude. We had a most interesting discussion on remote access, Dragon, helpdesk functions, etc. He is a personable warm professional.

I am exceptionally impressed with DNS 15, and have used it considerably over the weekend in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. The accuracy I have been experiencing is far, far beyond DNS 13 - for the first time truly approaching 100%.

DNS 15 is cleaner, more responsive, certainly faster, and does not seem to have DNS 13's idiosyncrasies.

With my appreciation,

Jon Pascoe


Hello, I would like to share with you my appreciation for the expert lessons you have provided me and recommendation for a new microphone.

I am a self-employed management consultant, experienced with Dragon NaturallySpeaking since 1997. Although I was formally instructed at that time, my knowledge has been mainly "self-taught" over the years.

You have an exceptional understanding of this often "nuanced" and temperamental software - and have provided me with an enormous number of practical and easily implemented suggestions to improve my accuracy and efficiency. I am most grateful for your intervention and problem solving.

I was always skeptical about the accuracy figures in each new successive release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking over the years. I have never attained anywhere near the supposedly 98% accuracy in the marketing materials, even with the best hardware that can be purchased, including an MTech laptop.

After three lessons and the purchase of a new Sennheiser microphone (which you recommended), I now read The Rainbow Passage with almost complete accuracy. I no longer struggle with recurring mis-recognitions and more often than not, typing when Dragon simply will not cooperate.

These improvements have totally rejuvenated my business practices.

Thank you also, Heather for your excellent customer service.

I look forward to a long working relationship with Speakeasy Solutions.

Jon Pascoe

Our Promise to Our Clients

Dr. Barend Zack

Hi Alexandria,

Thanks for your quick reply! You are one of the best people I've ever interacted with in terms of customer service and professionalism and I appreciate your help.



Dr. Rupka
Pain Medicine Specialist

Hi Dean – just can’t say enough good things about the sound quality of this system.  I have worked with other digital before and of course every size of tape over the years and this is truly wonderful.  I haven’t even had any blanks with his dictation after the first week (which is probably a bit unusual, at least for me).

Thank you,

T. C.  Transcription

Dr. David Hunt
Pain Medicine Specialist

Hi Alexandria,

You are not only a great teacher, you make it lots of fun. I have been teaching for many decades and you have developed excellent techniques to simplify more complex computer speak for us uninitiated. I look forward to practicing and having the benefit of your expertise. Thanks for the various (learning) aids.

Warm regards,


Dr. Briar Sexton


Thanks again for the training session. I'm flying with Dragon way faster than I thought I would be. I am definitely looking forward to the next training session.


[to a colleague]  Alexandria Carstens from Speakeasy Solutions is someone I recommend tremendously highly if you are going to engage with Dragon. Her support has been invaluable to me and is very reasonably priced. She knows what microphones work best with it and troubleshoots all sorts of little glitches very easily. I also found her hands on training session was amazing.

Mark Frobb
Chronic Back Pain Clinic

Dean and Alexandria...

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new Sennheiser headset (DW Pro 1). The new Dragon software (version 12) is also, I agree, a significant improvement over the last version.

For a busy professional you have saved me hours of time - and by improving my productivity, subsequent significantly increased earning potential on my end.

Mark Frobb

Christopher M.A. Bungay
Injury & Disability Lawyers

I opened a new solo law practice earlier this year. My practice includes personal injury and disability claims. I had always wanted to use Dragon but I heard a number of myths about it that stopped me from doing so. I decided to put my doubts aside, and contacted Speakeasy Solutions.

The team at Speakeasy Solutions installed the software on my computer and gave me three sessions of training. Since I have started using Dragon, my productivity and efficiency has increased between 30-40%. The training that is given by Speakeasy is a must for anyone who wants to properly use this product to its fullest. I have also received excellent support an ongoing basis whenever I have questions.

I cannot imagine running my practice without the use of Dragon. It is straightforward and simple to use. The cost of buying the product and the training by Speakeasy pales in comparison to the significant cost savings and advantages one gains through its use.

Yours very truly,

Christopher M.A. Bungay

Dr. Johan Boshoff
Physician in BC

Speak now!

  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition License ~$1500
  • 2 Phillips SpeechMikes ~$600
  • Setup & Training ~$1200
  • 65 patients seen with one hour for lunch
  • Able to leave office at 5pm with ALL charts completed:


Terri DiNicolo
Medical Office Manager

My Hero!

Hi Alexandria,

I can’t thank you enough for the last training with Dr. Thiessen. There was a noticeable difference in his letters the very next day. They are so much better than what he was giving me before. He came in today and happily told me that he’s getting out of here at the time he used to.

You are amazing! Thank you for all your work with us.

Dr. Harpreet Gill

"Professional, knowledgeable, supportive and accessible.

This has been my experience with Speakeasy Solutions to date.

I recently had to purchase a new laptop when my other one expired and contacted Speakeasy Solutions on a weekend after not having been in touch for 3 years. They responded quickly, providing me with a list of options to restore my system and had me up and running with Dragon again in no time."

Physician in Kelowna

"I just wanted to let you know the SpeechMike Air arrived last week and the transition has gone very smoothly. So far I am liking it much more than the one I (accidentally broke)!"

Wendy Freeman
Fulton & Company LLP

"We discovered Speakeasy Solutions through a technology conference in Vancouver several years ago. Their product knowledge and unwavering commitment to customer service has kept us coming back year after year."

Dr. Allan R.

"I am a delighted longstanding customer of Speakeasy Solutions. Most people who use Dragon know how far it has come; it is easy to use and remarkable in so many ways. That said, the experience would be different were it not for the fast, easy, and always helpful support from Alexandria and the Speakeasy team. I have become dependent on Dragon and can’t cope with even one down day. While problems rarely occur, occasionally they do and my panic is relieved by the quick response from Speakeasy, and they always solve the problem!"

Service Canada

"Your (Dragon) training really made a difference."

Tim Louis
Tim Louis & Company, Lawyer

"I have used Speakeasy for many years now and am always impressed with the service I receive. Whenever I call with a question, I receive helpful advice. The installation and training of all updates has been fantastic."

Employment Facilitator, Employment Services Centre

"I just wanted to reiterate my thanks, as both (training) sessions were extremely useful. Although it is a bit onerous, my new favorite command is mouse grid...

Anyway between the two training sessions I have learnt a lot. Thanks for clear, useful, and potentially life-changing instructions."

IT Analyst, Canada Revenue Agency

"I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me about Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking. I am very excited to share this knowledge with the rest of the I.T. community in CRA and provide better support to my end-users.

This training could not have been provided by a better company than Speakeasy Solutions Inc. because Speakeasy (has) 13 years of experience, (is) very passionate about the solutions (and) also has (the) great teaching capabilities of Dean and Alexandria."

Dr. Walter Chow
Physician, Victoria BC

"Dear Alexandria,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the training that you have provided me for the Dragon Medical program. In the four hours we have spent together in training you have provided me with voice dictation skills that would have taken many months to learn on my own. These skills have greatly enhanced my ability to utilize my electronic medical records program in a much more efficient, comprehensive and enjoyable manner.

I was a bit apprehensive about enrolling in a training program because it sounded time-consuming and intimidating but now I cannot imagine how I could have done without it. Your friendly and patient manner, your comprehensive knowledge of your product, and your obvious passion for the power and efficiency of voice dictation make the training process extremely educational and very enjoyable.

Much thanks again, Alexandria, and I look forward to our next training session.


Dr. Walter Chow, Victoria BC"

Hardeep Chana
Manager, Administration Canada Diagnostic Centres

"Alexandria always has the answer! It’s a treat dealing with her as she makes everything about speech recognition easy.

Our training sessions and any follow-up needed (very rare) always go smoothly. When time is of the essence, Alexandria always comes to the rescue.

I recommend Speakeasy Solutions Inc. to all doctors that have a need for dictation/transcription services."

Dr. James Rudnik MD FRCPC
Head, Internal Medicine - Peace Arch Hospital

"Alexandria is great! She is very knowledgeable about Dragon and its nuances. She also knows her way around Microsoft products.

Even after using Dragon on my own for a number of months Alexandria gave me very useful tips about how to improve Dragon performance. I would highly recommend training sessions with her."

Dr. Ian Gardiner
Director, Advanced Breast Imaging Program CDC

"I have been using Speakeasy’s services for about seven years. During that time I have found them to be prompt, efficient, and very cost-effective. Questions are answered quickly and, more importantly, correctly. They treat me as if I were their only client.

One key point: I get a live person when I call, not a voice recording!

If you investigated Voice Recognition (VR) software a few years ago and found it wanting, I suggest you take another look now. The software has improved dramatically, both in accuracy and speed.

VR software allows you to proof read at the same time you dictate. It can make immediate corrections. It can electronically sign, distribute, and store your reports. Therefore it completes the report much faster; in our facility we often have the patient’s report on the referring physician’s desk before the patient has left our office. This has nearly completely eliminated interruptions and phone calls for stat and verbal reports.

VR software is the most cost effective way to dictate. We found that the payback time was measured in weeks. It was easily the most cost-effective improvement we have ever made to our procedures.

Just as a few hours with a golf pro can make a dramatic improvement to your game, the transition to VR will be faster and easier if you get proper training at the beginning from Speakeasy. I would encourage everyone considering VR software to get a pro from Speakeasy to show them the ropes. I recommend them to all of my colleagues."

Dr. Kalina Christoff
UBC Professor with speech recognition solution, focus on training

"Thank you so much for a training session today. It was exceptionally helpful and things are working so much better now. I almost have difficulties believing the recognition accuracy that my computer can achieve now. I installed the update that you recommended and that solved completely the problem we had with Word not recognizing commands. It is now working perfectly. Thank you once again for a very fruitful morning."

Bob Isbister
Lawyer with speech recognition solution

"I am extremely pleased with my progress using Dragon Naturally Speaking. Your training has been invaluable. As a result of the software and your training, I have significantly improved the speed with which I am able to produce work for my clients. My only regret is that I did not take this step sooner."

Dr. G. B. Ryder
Medical speech recognition solution

"I am extremely pleased with my current Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 7 -- which I use for medical documentation on every patient. Although I had been using an earlier version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the previous three years, your training allowed me to be much more time efficient and accurate.

I have also appreciated your immediate backup for any of my questions over the past year; as well as immediate replacement at no charge of my recent malfunctioning microphone.

I look forward to an ongoing business relationship with you as long as I require the use of voice-recognition software."

Ken Kramer, Lawyer, KMK Law Corporation
Wireless speech recognition solution

"I am a lawyer and the sole proprietor of KMK Law Corporation, a law firm specializing in the areas of Wills, Estates & Trusts in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. I am also the recipient of a severe disability, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which makes the task of typing overwhelming. For years, I have typed my documents and letters utilizing one finger. The process, as can be imagined, was slow and physically exhausting.

Having attempted to utilize various Dragon products over the past 10 years, my success was limited and typically fraught with frustration given the perceived inadequacies with the software of the day, my lack of training and admittedly, my unwillingness and time availability to properly devote to training the software.

With a growing law practice developing, it was vital that I developed a solution to my typing inadequacies. Speakeasy Solutions Inc. and Alexandria changed that one Saturday afternoon. My firm purchased the Dragon Professional Version along with the ArialPhone wireless system. Within four hours of Alexandria's undivided attention, I was dictating numerous emails and letters within a fraction of the time usually dedicated to such activities.

Practicing law is fun again thanks to the great work of Speakeasy Solutions Inc."

Dave Bilinsky, The Law Society
On speech recognition

"Most lawyers have approached voice recognition with the expectation that it will allow computers to understand your speech as they have seen demonstrated in Science Fiction movies. But as all of us know, reality is different from the movies. But VR is a maturing technology that is being used by lawyers and other professionals for real, substantial results - and the biggest productivity gains among lawyers are coming from those who combine VR with digital dictation technology - allowing the transcriptionists to use VR to do the initial transcription of the lawyer's dictation. This frees the lawyer from 'fiddling' with the technology, it allows a lawyer to dictate discrete tasks rather than massive daunting tapes, it speeds up the transcription phase and the clarity of the digital recording increases accuracy. "

Agnes, MOA for Dr. Patrick Ma
Digital transcription solution
Agnes had this to say about switching from a traditional tape dictation system to a digital transcription solution:

"It's easier and quicker. The recordings are incredibly clear. There are no tapes to hunt for. Recently, a letter needed to be urgently transcribed from a dictation performed on a specific date. If we had the old system, I would be wasting time listening through multiple tapes searching for the one dictation. But with this system, I quickly listened to a few seconds of the individual possible digital recordings from that date, found the pertinent dictation and transcribed the letter very fast."

Pam Bankie, Manulife Disability Coordinator
Previous user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking who felt she wasn't getting very far after teaching herself to use speech recognition.

"The training you provided me was excellent. It showed me a lot of things I was unaware of. I feel very confident in the system now, and I will make it work this time! I don't think that I would have gotten to understand this system at all if you hadn't have come."

Lorne MacLean, Lawyer
Complete speech recognition solution

"In our family law practice, we deal with a multitude of vendors. It is only rarely that the level of service and support we receive from a vendor compels us to write a thank you letter. Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provide to be extremely helpful with respect to an appropriate speech recognition solution for my needs

Particularly, Speakeasy Solutions Inc.'s personalized training in the use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, coupled with the professional and detailed workbook, was advantageous to my productivity.  The training sessions with Speakeasy Solutions Inc. allowed me to begin using speech recognition in my day-to-day routine more quickly than if I had been left to my own devices.

I am continuously impressed with the expansive knowledge base and high level of support received during those moments I am faced with the challenge.  Speakeasy Solutions Inc. is attentive and extremely dedicated, resolving a variety of issues with expedience.

Given my outstanding experience with Speakeasy Solutions Inc., I have no qualms about recommending Speakeasy Solutions Inc. to anyone requiring the very best speech recognition guidance, support and products.  Thank you once again for making the transition to speech recognition an easy one."

Dr. Lucien Larre, Psychologist
speech recognition purchase & support

"As a busy clinical psychologist I struggled for years to keep up with written reports. A few years ago, I found Dragon NaturallySpeaking at a retail outlet, but unfortunately this version made so many mistakes that it was not really helpful.

Finally, I discovered Alexandria, Dean, and the wonderful people at Speakeasy Solutions Inc. They provided me with computer hardware, superior Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, and expertise that made report writing and emails unbelievably fast and easy.

When I ran into computer snags, I found their technical support prompt and outstanding. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to make their written output faster and more efficient".

Dr. Geoffrey Ainsworth
speech recognition purchase & support

"The Dragon is roaring with creative fire, and has proved itself up to the task for my complicated out-of-town assessments. I am able to dictate the background before I leave Vancouver; add notes after I see each member of a family and/or team, maybe 5 different notes; edit them by saving the speech files, and finally synthesize a report with all the information. This really is what I have been hoping for. The differences from the previous version are:

1. It is much smoother, faster, and a little more accurate.

2. Saving the speech files makes it much quicker to edit, and the Dragon learns by my corrections.

"Alexandria has been very helpful in setting me up, and will answer questions immediately if I get stuck."

Roedy Green, Canadian Mind Products, Demonstration Attendee
Speakeasy Solutions Inc. performed a 90 minute interactive and intensive demonstration for the Vancouver PC Users Group.

"I have played with voice recognition software and found it more of a hassle that it was worth. However, tonight Alexandria Carstens did a presentation at our PC User Meeting on Dragon Naturally Speaking. It blew me away. This stuff it finally ready for prime time. I could not believe how fast she made Excel and Word jump through hoops."

Kris Jonasson, Executive Director BCGA
Complete speech recognition solution

"I had bought several earlier versions of voice type dictation and unfortunately had not found the product satisfactory. Version 5.0 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking has finally delivered the quality I was seeking. As good as the software is I really benefited from the advice and the training that I received from Speakeasy Solutions Inc. I sincerely believe that I would still be struggling and may well have given up on the software, if I had not been professionally advised as to the computer requirements for optimum use and if I had not received the very professional and thorough training provided by Alexandria. I have no hesitation in recommending Speakeasy Solutions Inc. and encouraging people to seek professional advice before investing in this technology."