SendKeys Cancelled Error in Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Medical, Professional & Legal)

June 14-2012:  See this blog post re the same error in relation to Adobe Flash & Web Browser issues.

There is presently an incompatibility between Dragon and Adobe Reader X for some individuals.  When you are copying and pasting by voice or using the Dictation Box, you may receive the Dragon error, “SendKeys cancelled”.  This is due to interference from Adobe Reader X.

The resolution?

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader X (you may need to update the software).  Click on Help> Check for Updates within Adobe Reader.  If the update does not repair this issue, we suggest:
  • Revert back to Adobe Reader 9 (with its latest updates applied) until the next update of Adobe Reader.

This is a rather benign bug, but may be cause for concern by some and can be an annoyance for those who rely upon the Dictation Box.

Please also refer to this post: Dragon Error: “COM returned an unexpected error code: Details are HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW” for more detailed information on this connected issue.

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18 Responses to SendKeys Cancelled Error in Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Medical, Professional & Legal)

  1. Du Mortier says:

    Unfortunately, uninstalling Adobe Reader X, installing Adobe Reader 9.4.2 didn’t solve the problem. Even uninstalling totally Adobe Reader didn’t.

    • admin says:

      Greetings. There could be another issue at work here, but our experience is such that removal of Reader X has proven effective. Good luck at tracking down the source of the error.

  2. Alan Dailey says:

    Having the same error (very annoying) in MSFT Word 2007.

  3. Alexandria says:

    Hi Alan,

    You may wish to contact MS tech support for that then, but definitely consider removing Adobe Reader X (per above) first. Good luck.

  4. Pam Quittmeyer says:

    I opened up Adobe Reader X and it automatically popped up a box explaining how to fix this. In Adobe Reader X, you go to Edit>preferences>general and uncheck “enable protected mode at Startup.” This ended the problem – thank goodness.

  5. Edward says:

    I cannot state how frustrating this error is. And the solution is not really much of a solution. No Flash in the browser I use most often. No Adobe Reader (this was happening for me with Adobe Reader 9), which is the most used PDF reader, and thus, it is the main platform for which I develop PDF forms. I test using Reader X and Reader 9.

    Does the new v.12 of Dragon fix these errors?

    • Alexandria says:

      hi Edward,

      Did you not install the older flash? This will work just fine. As to why it was happening with Adobe reader 9, I cannot address that (most unusual).

      Theoretically version 12 is supposed to fix these errors. As of the beta, they were not. Only time will tell.

  6. Helen King says:

    I’m using Dragon 11. I’m getting a ‘sendkeys cancelled’ message every minute or so. It’s very frustrating, as means I have to stop dictating and click out of the box. I have checked my Adobe is up to date, so am not sure how to fix this problem. When I click on the ‘details’ of the error message, it says “at line 1 in script Dragon Voice Commands Automation”. Please could you offer a solution? Cheers, Helen

    • Alexandria says:

      Hello, Helen.

      If the information on our blog doesn’t help you, I suggest you contact the vendor who sold you Dragon or contact Nuance directly for assistance.

      Good luck!

  7. William says:

    Not surprisingly, I am getting the same error with Word 2010 and Natural Speaking 11.

  8. Andy says:

    I am getting the same problems with Word 2010 and Natl Speaking 10.1. Seems not to have anything to do with Adobe anything. Any solutions discovered?

  9. Fritz says:

    I get the error and don’t even have Adobe Reader. Nuance technical assistance is AWFUL. Anyone had this issue after installing Irfanviewer?

  10. Steve says:

    Same problem. Removing Adobe helps most of the time but not always. Essentially renderd Dragon non functional for me, looking at other options.

  11. Heidrun says:

    I get the error with Adobe Reader XI.