Philips SpeechMike Update: Speech Control Software V2.8 build 260

Philips SpeechMike Speakeasy Solutions Inc. announces an updated version of the Philips speech control software for the SpeechMike. The new version is 2.8, build 260.

The Philips Device Control Centre now loads much more quickly than in previous versions of the software. As a result, you will be able to make modifications to the device and application control settings more rapidly (thank you, Philips).

Philips also touts new microphone muting options for Dragon (Medical, NaturallySpeaking Professional, NaturallySpeaking Legal etc.). I believe this is as a result of the known issue where the SpeechMike does not necessarily seem synchronous with Dragon where the microphone status is concerned. As we have always told our clients, take note of the SpeechMike’s microphone indicator light to know whether or not Dragon will transcribe (SpeechMike light on = Dragon’s microphone is on, SpeechMike light off = Dragon’s microphone is muted), regardless of Dragon’s microphone icon appearance.

Unfortunately, despite Philips’ good intentions, the muting options are not reliable nor effective for compulsive and quick button clickers. In other words, if you quickly toggle the SpeechMike’s buttons on and off, the chances are high that you will overload the software and be left with Dragon’s microphone permanently on or off. You will then have to shut down the Philips Device Control Centre, as well as Dragon, and then restart them both. Some experimentation will allow you to decide which option best suits your needs.

Philips SpeechMike Device Control Center Muting options

Muting Options

Mute Dragon’s microphone when stopping recording: when you set the Philips microphone to the OFF status (the red light will deactivate), Dragon’s microphone icon will appear red and flat. Conversely, when you set the Philips microphone to the ON status (the red light will be active), Dragon’s microphone icon will appear green and upright. Again, this feature will still not necessarily work for everyone. It is therefore not a recommended option unless you deem it acceptable for your interaction methods.

Mute the recording device with operating system mixer when stopping recording: when you set the Philips microphone to the status (the red light will deactivate), Dragon will indeed be muted regardless of its icon appearance. Conversely, when you set the Philips microphone to the ON status (the red light will be active), Dragon will indeed be unmuted (listening, and therefore transcribe what it hears) regardless of its icon appearance. Thankfully, this is the default for this new feature, and it is recommended that this option be kept active.

Do not mute when stopping recording: to quote Philips “With this option Dragon leaves the microphone turned on as long as sound is available after RECORD/STOP.”

Speakeasy Solutions Custom Settings

If you are a client of Speakeasy Solutions Inc., and have purchased a complete solution that includes a SpeechMike, please contact us for the latest optimized configuration settings. Although, if you have further customized your settings (during or after training with Speakeasy Solutions Inc.), you will likely not wish to override them with the standard Speakeasy Solutions Inc. optimized configuration settings.

How to Obtain the Updates

Speakeasy Solutions Clients

If you are a Speakeasy Solutions client, you may download the updates and supporting documentation from our newly developed Client Access Area. This area, while undergoing finishing touches, does provide the new Philips SpeechMike updates.

Not a Speakeasy Solutions Client?

Contact Philips and they will be able to provide you with the updates.


SpeechMike III LFH 3200 User Manual

SpeechMike Air LFH 3005 User Manual

SpeechMike II LFH 5274 User Manual

Philips Device Control Centre’s Optimized Configuration Settings & Use With Dragon Manual — contact us

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