Dragon® Professional Individual 15 & Microsoft Office 2010 Graphical Display Issue

SeS Icon Dragon® Professional Individual 15 & Microsoft Office 2010 Graphical Display Issue Immediately after the release of Dragon® Professional Individual 15, our Microsoft Office 2010 clients reported a very curious bug.

Within both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word, the text displayed would appear jumbled, duplicated, or otherwise unreadable.

If Dragon is closed, the graphical display issue vanishes. Some clients found temporary relief in scrolling up and down through the Outlook or Word window. Regardless, this has been quite the showstopper for a number of our clients.

After providing a number of reports and information to Nuance, Speakeasy Solutions is pleased to announce that a patch will be released in December 2016 to address this particular issue. This blog post will be updated with more information once it is received.

ETA November 24, 2016: A hotfix has been issued to a select few Speakeasy Solutions clients for testing purposes. If you are a Speakeasy Solutions Inc. client and wish this hotfix, please contact us.

ETA November 25, 2016: A client reports the following:  “There were instances (perhaps four or five)  of the cursor jumping to other locations, similar to part of the problem before the hot fix.  However, none of the text moved with the cursor and the video display was not affected.  When dictation resumed (without touching the mouse or cursor), the text was inserted at the proper (pre-jump) location.”

ETA December 1, 2016: Another client reports:  “The two users I have applied the hot fix for no longer encounter the previous issues they with the screen redrawing.”

Again, Speakeasy Solutions clients are urged to contact us for this hotfix.

Please see below for a couple of examples of how the issue appears on a monitor.

A heartfelt thank you to our clients who have suffered through this issue, and provided copious information that we were able to pass on.

Please note that this issue will also be addressed in the upcoming release of Dragon® Professional Group 15.

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8 Responses to Dragon® Professional Individual 15 & Microsoft Office 2010 Graphical Display Issue

  1. David Shepherd says:

    Thanks guys – been looking into this in New Zealand also.

  2. Thanks for your professionalism in not just “selling us” rather “being with us” in moving towards a solution!

  3. Th. Ziegler says:

    Same problem in Switzerland too – but Nuance support (Germany) doesn’t know anything about this problem and a patch that will be coming in December 2016. And it is yet December… Do you know more about the release of the patch?

  4. Th. Ziegler says:

    I finally got the patch an everythings seems to be ok…

    Thanks for your help!