Using Dragon to Move throughout an Excel Spreadsheet

SeS Icon Using Dragon in Excel For anyone spending a great deal of time using Dragon in Excel, mastering a basic set of commands including manoeuvring through an Excel spreadsheet (or worksheet) is paramount.

While Dragon provides a multitude of different methods for moving around an individual worksheet, or even throughout multiple worksheets, challenges arise when moving to any cell or column beyond Z (such as AA, BD, and so on).

For those who experience this challenge and are unaware of the resolution, I offer it below.

Within the range of columns from A to Z, simply say “go to cell C 15”, and Dragon moves the cursor to that particular cell.

Beyond the range of column Z, there is a two-step process for moving to a specific cell. First move to a specific row or column, and then second move to a specific column or row immediately following. For instance:

  • Say “row 35” to move to the 35th row.
  • Say “column 57” to move to the BE row.

The cursor is now situated in BE 35.

Despite each column having a corresponding sequential alpha character, Dragon recognizes columns as numbers after Z. For example, AA is actually column 27.

To assist those using worksheets where the columns extend beyond Z, I offer the attached PDF with corresponding numbers for the specific alphabet columns.


Guidance & Training

Speakeasy Solutions provides customized guidance and training, enabling you to utilize software applications quickly; with the use of Dragon’s built in commands as well as custom command creation for further efficiencies.

Training is provided in 15 minute segments, however, most individuals find a two-hour session useful for “filling in the blanks” with respect to Dragon know how or leveraging the more advanced features within Dragon.

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