Announcing the Philips SpeechMike Premium Air

SeS Icon Philips SpeechMike Premium Air Not since Sennheiser released the SD Pro 1 wireless microphone headset have I been this enthused by a microphone. The new Philips SpeechMike Premium Air promises to be a giant leap forward for those who have been clamouring for a wireless handheld microphone. While Philips did produce a wireless handheld unit some years ago, it was, admittedly, more problematic than it was useful. Having said that, Philips learned a tremendous amount from the earlier model, and have now produced the ultimate in wireless handheld dictation.

The Philips SpeechMike Premium Air (SMP 4000) is on par with its wired USB counterpart, the SpeechMike Premium Touch (SMP 3700). The look and feel is exactly the same. Moreover, the performance gains from the programmable buttons is also a feature of the SpeechMike Premium Air.

Smart Pairing

With that said, why am I so excited?

For years Speakeasy Solutions’ medical clients have been asking me for a wireless microphone that will link up to any of the computers that they are using in their multitude of exam rooms and offices. And I have always told them that this particular technology does not yet exist. Well, now it does! The SpeechMike Premium Air wirelessly connects to any computer outfitted with an accompanying Docking Station; pairing takes place quickly by setting the SpeechMike Premium Air into a Docking Station.

What does this translate to? If you are a physician who dictates on multiple computers in a clinic (for example, each exam room plus a personal office and/or dictation stations) you do so by utilizing 1 Philips SpeechMike Premium Air and as many Docking Stations as dictation computers. If you wish to use a specific computer, simply slide the SpeechMike Premium Air into the computer’s Docking Station for approximately 4 seconds, and begin dictating.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability is slated for mid-November 2017.

If you wish to be notified, please contact us.

Further details follow…

SpeechMike Premium Air Highlights

  • Wireless dictation with 100% lossless voice technology: enjoy the same stable connection as with a tethered device
  • Professional studio quality microphone for most accurate speech recognition results
  • Quick and easy device pairing: high security one-to-one connection
  • Wireless charging and long lasting battery life with 24 hours of reliable recording time
  • Ergonomic design: light-weight device with antimicrobial housing and polished surface to reduce click and touch noises
  • Backwards compatibility: easy upgrade from previous SpeechMike models without installing additional software from SpeechMike SDK 2.7 onwards
  • New modes: Dragon, Mac, and browser dictation mode


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