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Client Access Area

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides clients with additional resources over and above what is available on the Blog & Newsletter, offering more detailed support, 24/7.


NOTE:  This area is not populated with all relevant material yet, although you may sign up.  An official announcement will be made when this area is complete.  Thank you for your patience.

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides its clients with access to a variety of value adds, resources, downloads and information. While the blog and newsletters contain considerable information, we recognize that our clients would benefit from more detailed guidance.

Access May Be Denied

If you have arrived at this page after attempting to access a specific post or download, you may either:

  • not be logged in. Please log in. OR
  • not have access according to the levels outlined below. If you feel that this is in error, please contact us.  If you have just registered, allow 2 business days for us to adjust your access levels accordingly.

Access Levels

There are five levels, each level accessing a different set of information associated with the details of a client's solution.

General Information

If you are a Speakeasy Solutions client, and have not yet been given an invitation to this area, you may register for client access, and upon doing so, will have access to most of each category's general information and some downloads.

Additionally, if you are not yet a client of Speakeasy Solutions, and are searching for basic solution documentation and other pre-purchase information not available elsewhere on the main website or our blog, this level will give you such access.

And finally, Speakeasy Solutions provides select speech recognition and digital dictation documentation and downloads for those who have registered for client access.

Purchase & Solution Setup Information

Once you have authorized an estimate (via phone, email or contact form) from Speakeasy Solutions, you will be sent a username and password for this Client Access area, making available a variety of detailed purchase and solution setup documentation, based on your desired products and solution.

Product Solution

Purchasing products from Speakeasy Solutions provides you with access to a variety of related support documentation and downloads.

A la Carte Solution

Purchasing product and some services from Speakeasy Solutions provides you with access to additional support documentation downloads pertaining to your solution (over and above a product only solution).

Complete Solution

Purchasing a complete solution from Speakeasy Solutions provides you with complete access to all relevant information, value-adds, additional training information and resources.

Relevant Content

Regardless of your level, and to avoid confusion, you only have access to content that is relevant to your estimate and purchased solution. Should your solution expand at a future date, your access to additional information will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, if you have purchased a Complete Dragon® Medical Solution using a Philips SpeechMike, you will have access to all associated value-adds for both Dragon® Medical and Philips SpeechMike. If at a later time, you decide to incorporate a digital voice recorder into your solution, you will have access to content based on the purchase level associated with the purchase of the digital voice recorder (i.e. product, à la cart or complete). Moreover, if, at a later time, you purchase a complete upgrade solution to the next version of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition, you will have access to all the new version's relevant information based on a complete package solution.


If you have any questions or concerns at any time, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.