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Order Products & Services

Place an order for Dragon speech recognition and/or digital voice dictation/transcription products (with optional services) within Canada.

Products or Products with Services

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides products or products with services.

Services ordered alongside products fall into two categories:

  • à la carte, or
  • complete solution package


You select specific products only; for those who do not wish any assistance with their product purchase.

A La Carte

You pick and choose particular services; for those who wish very specific or a small amount of assistance with their product purchase.

Complete Solution Package

A complete care solution with additional value adds; for those who wish total support and assistance during and after solution implementation.

Service after Product Purchase

Services may, of course, be contracted after products have been purchased.

How to Order

Call us at 604-264-9109 or 1-888-964-9109 (within Canada only).

  • For Dragon speech recognition & microphones, extension #102.
  • For digital voice dictation & transcription, extension #103.

Order directly from our online shop.

Schedule a pre-sales consultation telephone appointment to discuss your needs. After the discussion, you will receive an estimate for your authorization.

Regional Service

Due to legal contracts signed with various manufacturers, and also to ensure the warranty and integrity of products provided, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. is restricted to providing products & services to clients within Canada ONLY.

If you reside outside of Canada, please visit the manufacturer's website of the products you are interested in (i.e. Nuance, Philips, Olympus & Sennheiser), and they will be able to assist you find a solution provider in your country.

TIP:  If you are concerned with possessing a valid warranty for your products, always purchase from an authorized seller in your country of residence.  Purchasing products outside of your country nullifies the warranty of many products.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and welcome you to visit our Blog, which is freely available to anyone.

Thank you for your understanding.