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Receive Support

Request support for your Dragon speech recognition or digital voice dictation & transcription solution. Canada only.


Request services should you:

  • require additional services for an existing solution (installation and configuration on a new PC, for example), or
  • wish to receive specific services for products previously purchased without services (configuration of a solution or training in its use, for example).


Some support services may be included with your complete package solution (see your invoice and Terms & Conditions).

Support services may be contracted any time and is available on-site or remotely.

You may wish to read more details about our speech recognition and digital voice dictation support offerings.

Replacement Software, Updates & Licenses

In most cases, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. may be able to assist with lost software, license codes and updates for your solution.

Before you Contact Us

In order to assist you expeditiously, consider the following:

  1. Please shut down all computer applications (saving any work along the way), and restart your computer. Windows operating systems sometimes enter a poor state, adversely affecting the operation of computer applications. A simple restart/reboot often alleviates problems encountered. Restarting your PC may not be applicable for all scenarios, but it is for many.
  2. If there are error messages, please take note of the error messages produced (application producing the message and the precise message) OR take screen captures of these error messages (press < Prt Scn > on your keyboard, then open up Paint, MS Word or WordPad, press < Ctrl + v > to paste the captured image, and then save (press < Ctrl + s >) to your hard drive or network. The error messages themselves aid in the tech support process.
  3. Take note of all applications open/running at the time of the problem.
  4. Have there been any system changes lately (i.e. Windows updates, MS Office updates, new applications installed or updated, etc.)?
  5. Have there been any changes made to your network or data storage locations?
For Dragon Professional and Dragon® Medical support, please upload the following files: (click to view)»

How to Receive Support

Call us at 604-264-9109 or 1-888-964-9109 (within Canada only).

Please note that we are often serving other clients who have prearranged appointments. If you receive our voice mail, leave a detailed message or consider scheduling a support appointment or filling out our online request form (see below).

  • For Dragon speech recognition & microphones, extension #102.
  • For digital voice dictation & transcription, extension #103.

Schedule a remote support appointment to discuss your issues.

Fill out our online support request form below.

This form is interactive.  As you make choices by clicking options, the form will dynamically provide you with additional, appropriate opportunities for further input.

dragon.log file

Click Start> All Programs> Dragon> Show Dragon Log. Upload this file below.

dgnsetup.log file

Click Start> All Programs> Dragon> Show Setup Log.  Upload this file below.

msinfo file

  • For non Windows 7 OS systems, Click Start> Run OR
  • For Windows 7 OS systems, Click Start> All Programs> Accessories> Run.
  • For Windows 8/10 OS systems, Click Search> Run.

Then type "msinfo32" and then OK. Give it time to appear. Then click File> Save and this will save the appropriate data in an .nfo file. Save and Upload this file below.

Cannot Find Files?

If either or both of the log files do not appear as cited above, your computer system has been set up to hide these extensions. To set your computer so that you can view these types of files, click on the My Computer icon (usually on your desktop). Then click on Tools> Folder Options> View. Choose the Show hidden files and folders. Click Apply, and then OK. The log files should now be visible as noted above.

If you cannot find these files, then perform a search on your computer for the files.