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Philips Microphones

Philips offers a broad range of quality microphones for personal, telephone or board room environments.

Philips Conference and Digital Pocket Memo Solutions

For boardroom sessions, a conference recording system captures the meeting, making the digital audio files available for transcription through a variety of workflow means.

For personal office use, a variety of microphones expand the usability of the DPM 9600 digital voice recorder.

{tab=Conference Recording Kit}

Conference Recording System LFH0955

Conference Recording System 955Designed to capture your meetings, the professional Conference Recording System 955 provides excellent sound quality combined with easy-to-use technology. Simple to set up, it comes in an elegant metal case for highest mobility. The pathbreaking conference microphone permits 360 degree pickup for comprehensive recording with maximum comfort. The extendability of components lets the system grow with the needs of your business. Get your meeting going with the Philips Conference Recording System.

Fast and Simple

  • Fast set up for hassle-free installation
  • Easy-to-use devices for smart and time-saving workflow

Adapted to Professional Needs

  • Future-proof thanks to extendable microphones (daisy-chaining)
  • Enhanced mobility with elegant carry case
  • Professional two-channel recording

Designed Around Industry Standards

  • Allows seamless working through standardized technologies
  • Supports mp3 as well as the .dss file format, the industry standard for digital recording

Package Contents

  • Digital Pocket Memo 955
  • Four conference microphones
  • Click-on interview microphone
  • Remote control
  • USB Docking Station 9120
  • SpeechExec Dictate Software
  • USB Smart Key
  • Power supply 9146
  • Philips Secure Digital (SD) memory card
  • Philips rechargeable AAA Batteries 9154
  • Interchangeable primary power adapters
  • Mini USB cable, Y adapter cable
  • Metal carry case
  • User manual

Product Downloads

{tab=Conference Microphone}

Conference Microphone LFH9172
Conference Microphone 9172

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and Conference Recording System 955

The perfect complement for digital conference recording systems. The Philips conference microphone delivers brilliant sound quality, accompanied by outstanding ease of use.  Revolutionary technology in a straightforward form.

Supreme User-Friendliness

  • Fast and easy set up for hassle-free installation
  • No microphone stand required

Crystal Clear Sound

  • Sound pick-up from a 360 degree radius for a perfect recording experience
  • Boundary layer design utilizes the acoustic pressure of the surface

Simply Smart

  • Expandable through cascading
  • Wire storage and length adaptation build into base

Package Contents

  • Conference microphone
  • Adapter plug (3.5mm to 2.5mm)
  • Adapter plug (analog)

Product Downloads


Telephone Pickup Microphone LFH9162
Telephone Pickup Microphone 9162

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and Conference Recording System 955

The telephone pickup microphone enables you to record interviews and conversations over the telephone.

{tab=Tie Clip}

Tie Clip Microphone LFH9173
Tie Clip Microphone 9173

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and Conference Recording System 955

The tie clip microphone is an omnidirectional condenser microphone that affixes to clothing and is perfect for hands-free recording of interviews.

{tab=Plug In}

Plug-in Microphone LFH9171
Plug-in Microphone 9171

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and Conference Recording System 955

The plug-in microphone is a unidirectional noise cancelling, mono microphone, plugging directly into the digital voice recorder to be used for recording interviews.  This microphone may also be used to enhance speech recognition accuracy when used with the DPM 9600 in noisier environments.

Philips Microphones