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Dragon Medical Canada

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. assists medical practitioners with speech-enabling clinical documentation, supporting more efficient, higher quality, and more profitable care.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition (2)

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition V2

The final word in speech recognition

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is the go-to speech recognition solution for more than 10,000 healthcare facilities and 500,000 physicians worldwide. Our solutions ensure 300 million patient stories get told accurately every year.

When doctors speak, your EMR listens

Clinicians can document patient stories more completely and ‘in their own words’—enabling them to update the History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, and Assessment and Plan in real time.

Made for small practices

Designed and priced exclusively for independent practices of 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is up to 99% accurate out-of-the-box and includes a complete range of medical vocabularies.

Dictate Consults Directly into Your EMR

Read what's new in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition V2.


  • Dictate faster and more accurately than ever before
  • Dictate anywhere in your EMR and accelerate adoption
  • Dramatically reduce transcription costs
  • Save 30 minutes or more a day
  • Spend more time with your patients
  • Dictate in your own words
  • Shorten document turnaround time!

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Why Speakeasy Solutions Is Right for You

Service & training as exceptional as the software we provide!

Superior Service

Dragon® Medical PartnerAt Speakeasy Solutions it’s all about the customer experience. With more than 16 years of experience in speech recognition support, we are committed to user adoption. We match Dragon® Medical Practice Edition to your workflow.


Speakeasy Solutions is an authorized Dragon® Medical Practice Edition trainer. We offer training materials designed for the efficient use of Dragon no one else can – like our custom Dragon Training Workbooks, invaluable tools for quick tips, shortcuts and top commands.

CME Credits

As an additional benefit of receiving training from Speakeasy Solutions, medical practitioners may claim one credit per hour of training from Speakeasy Solutions for self-directed activities. For a complete solution, this equates to 6 credits.

An Adaptable Solution

With our exceptional service and support after the sale, we make sure Dragon® Medical Practice Edition adapts to your needs. Our expert staff integrates the software to be the perfect solution for your individual practice with a free needs analysis to determine the extent of customization and training necessary.

Ready-to-use Voice Commands

The implementation of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is enhanced by the creation of custom voice commands. Custom commands allow you to navigate and enter data into an EMR faster than you could manually. When you purchase a Complete Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Solution Package from Speakeasy Solutions you receive a series of voice commands that makes Dragon® Medical Practice Edition easier and more efficient.

Speech Recognition Vocabulary

Speakeasy Solutions tailors your vocabulary specifically to your practice needs by utilizing several of the accuracy improvement features within Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. This is useful for individuals who do not have time to perform these tasks themselves and for installations involving multiple users.

Province Specific Word Lists & Canadian Vocabulary

Speakeasy Solutions provides several province specific word lists incorporating medical phrases commonly used so you do not have to add these yourself. The Speakeasy Solutions Canadian vocabulary (for the general non-medical vocabulary only) provides spelling of the most commonly used American words without extra effort.

Technical Support

With a Complete Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Solution Package, Speakeasy Solutions extends complimentary telephone technical support after installation and setup, ensuring you will have peace of mind.

Quick Dragon How-to Answers

Once you have finished training with Speakeasy Solutions, you may find yourself stuck or needing a quick answer to a question regarding Dragon® Medical Practice Edition use. Email Speakeasy Solutions with your question and you will receive an answer. This complimentary service does not include material not covered during the original training sessions and a follow-up training session is suggested for queries that extend beyond a quick how-to response.

EMR Adoption

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Training WorkbookSpeakeasy Solutions is conversant in the most widely used Canadian EMRs, including PITO approved EMRs such as:

  • MedAccess
  • Osler
  • Optimed's Accuro
  • Wolf
  • Plexia
  • iClinic
  • Jonoke
  • MOIS
  • Profile's Intrahealth
  • and more...

Our expert staff can accelerate the integration of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition to match your current workflow.

With a complete speech recognition solution, in addition to the 300 page main Training Workbook, Speakeasy Solutions also provides a Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Training Workbook (34 pages) specifically designed to assist physicians adopt Dragon in their practice through optimizing a variety of settings.

Creating & Using Templates in MS Word for Use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition

These samples and documentation are useful for those who utilize MS Word (in lieu of or in addition to an EMR). Included are 12 pages of instructions, an annotated sample and 4 MS Word template samples. This material is made available prior to the first training session with a brief telephone consult suggested and integration to take place during one of the initial training sessions.

Philips SpeechMike Config File & Documentation

Speakeasy Solutions optimizes the Philips SpeechMike settings and configuration file in concert with the most popular and useful options, based on many years of working with doctors and lawyers. These settings are further customized to the user's needs during training. Also included is an 18 page guide, Using the Philips SpeechMike Premium with Dragon.

Customize Dragon® Medical Practice Edition With Our Digital Voice Recorders and Microphones

We help you install and configure your choice of input devices (microphones and/or digital recorders) to maximize the benefits of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition.

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