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Dragon Premium for PC

For those who do not require the power of Dragon Professional, consider purchasing Dragon Premium for $150 when bundled with Speakeasy Solutions’ Initial Training services.

Who Benefits from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13For those who do not require the features and benefits of Dragon Professional or Legal, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium would be a suitable option.

However, Speakeasy Solutions does continue to recommend some guidance in obtaining the most out of using the Dragon Premium speech recognition application.

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Premium 13

Dragon Premium Special Package

To that end, Speakeasy Solutions provides a Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Special Package, offering:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium for $150,
  • 6 hours of training,
  • The invaluable Speakeasy Solutions Training Workbook,
  • SeS province specific word lists (regions, medical facilities, organizations etc.),
  • Quick how-to answers by email,
  • An optional microphone upgrade,
  • Optional installation, and
  • An optional support package.

For Solo Legal Practitioners & Professionals

The Dragon Premium Special Package has been designed specifically for individual legal practitioners and professionals who wish to maximize their use of Dragon speech recognition without the requirements of the advanced features found in Dragon Professional and Legal.

The Dragon Premium Special Package is not recommended for corporate use where:

  • multiple Dragon users need to share word lists & commands,
  • a quantity of precedents or templates are regularly used,
  • efficiency gains in computer use is a serious consideration,
  • staff is involved in proofreading, or
  • a flexible workflow is required (i.e. multicomputer use, digital voice recorder use, remote desktop use and so on).

Order Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium for $150

Dragon Professional/Legal versus Dragon Premium

Professional vs Legal

The only difference between Dragon Professional and Legal is the Legal vocabulary which is geared towards American law and not Canadian.  Unless you practice cross-border law, Dragon Professional should suffice.

Professional vs Premium

Below is a list of the most relevant features comparing Professional and Premium.




Basic Text Commands

The ability to produce repetitious text, or text based macros (also called shortcut text) where a brief voice command produces considerable text (from one sentence to numerous paragraphs).  This is particularly useful in email, correspondence, and any documentation being crafted containing boilerplate text.i.e. You say "questions concerns" and Dragon transcribes "If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me..."

Text Commands with Voice Fields

Produce repetitious text containing form fields that can be navigated, also by voice.  This is extremely useful for filling out precedents, documents based on a template with fields and so on. not available

Text Commands with Lists

Produce repetitious text containing variables from a defined list that can be populated by voice in a single command. This is extremely useful for repetitious medical verbiage referencing gender, colours, conditions and so on. not available

Text Commands with Open-ended Variables

Produce repetitious text containing a variable from your vocabulary that can be populated by voice in a single command. This is useful for repetitious text requiring the inclusion of any word(s) within your vocabulary. not available

Computer Control Commands

Control your computer environment much faster than you could with keyboard and mouse.i.e. Logging into a specific webpage for research purposes, creating a new document based on a template, forwarding email to specific groups or individuals, navigating timekeeping applications, and essentially performing any repetitious task that normally takes more than three mouse clicks or keyboard strokes in a fraction of the time. not available

Export/Import Commands

In the case of creating a new user profile, upgrading to a new version of Dragon, or simply wishing to share with a colleague, easily export and import custom commands for widespread use. not available

Export/Import Word Lists in XML

Easily export and import custom word lists in XML format; taking advantage of a word's custom properties (i.e. alternate printed forms etc.). not available

Third-Party Proofreading

If you do not have time to proofread your dictation, save your voice with the dictation and have another individual proofread (and even improve your Dragon user profile for next time) your documents. not available

Digital Recorder Auto Transcribe Feature

Automatically transcribe digital voice recordings, the results of which can be proofread (by yourself or another) at any time and used in your regular workflow. not available

Multicomputer Use

With Dragon's roaming user profile feature, user profiles may be synchronized across multiple computers that are networked together.  Therefore adjustments made on one computer will be reflected on the other computers.i.e. If you need to use more than one computer with Dragon, create only one user profile which will be synchronized across all computers. not available

Remote Desktop Use

Dragon may be installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Ultimate Server in order to dictate remotely over a Remote Desktop Connection. not available

Speakeasy Solutions Word Lists

Make use of Speakeasy Solutions' regional & legal word lists.  Such word lists preemptively populate your vocabulary with common words and phrases according to your region and interest.

Speakeasy Solutions Commands

Make use of Speakeasy Solutions' efficiency commands and sample commands. not available

Is Premium Right for You?

If you feel that you could benefit from any of the features listed above that are not available in Premium, seriously consider an investment in Dragon Professional.  Your productivity may be worth the additional expense.

Order Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Speakeasy Solutions Dragon Premium Packages

Below is a comparison chart for the two different package solutions offered by Speakeasy Solutions to new users of Dragon Premium.


Special package Part of Package
O Optional


Product package $ Available for purchase
n/a not available





Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium $150 $225
Appropriate microphone and/or digital voice recorder O O


Installation and configuration of Dragon solution O -
Fine-tuning PC to improve overall and Dragon's performance O -


Three 2-hour Complete Training sessions (6 hours) -
SeS Training Workbook(s) with 6 hours Initial Training n/a

Word Lists

SeS province specific word lists (regions, medical facilities, organizations etc.) $


Complimentary remote technical support per Speakeasy Solutions’ Terms & Conditions O n/a
Quick how-to answers by email n/a