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Using a quality microphone for speech recognition is essential in achieving accurate results with Dragon.

Digital (USB) vs Analogue Microphones

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. recommends a USB microphone input solution for speech recognition as the quality and consistency of audio input is higher than that which can be achieved with an analogue microphone.

USB microphones pass the audio directly to your computer.  Analogue microphones pass through the computer's sound card, which is usually not of sufficient quality.

Providing Some of the Best Microphones in Every Class

Accuracy Hierarchy

Generally, the most accurate inputs are (from most to least accurate):

  • wired headset & wired telephony,
  • wireless headset & wireless telephony,
  • wired handheld,
  • wireless handheld,
  • desktop, and
  • digital array.

However, wireless technology has certainly advanced, and a high-quality wireless performs equally as well as wired.

Quality Impacts Accuracy

Not all microphones are created equal and therefore not all input devices on the market are effective.

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. tests all of the microphones sold to ensure the microphones meet their stringent requirements and match your needs.

Changing Microphones with Dragon

MicrophonesUsing a new microphone with Dragon without creating a new user profile or a new sound source may result in diminished performance from Dragon.  If you adopt a new microphone that is not the same make and model of your previous microphone, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. suggests creating a new user profile or new sound source.

Dragon's Dictation Sources

Newer versions of Dragon (Dragon Professional/Legal Individual/Group versions 13 and higher) no longer require you to select the type of Dictation Source in your user profile. Dragon allows for the use of multiple USB devices under one profile. Train each different dictation source (microphone) under one user profile.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 allow for one type of each of its recognized sound sources to be used in a single user profile.  In other words, you may use one input of each of the following types:

  • USB microphone,
  • digital recorder, and
  • Bluetooth wireless etc.

You may use only one USB microphone type (i.e. one USB headset OR one USB handheld).  If you wish to use two of the same microphone types, create an additional user profile.

However, you may find an advantage in having a user profile incorporating the following input devices:  Philips USB SpeechMike, Sennheiser Bluetooth wireless SD, and a digital voice recorder.

For more information and a discussion on best practices for managing audio inputs and user profiles, contact Speakeasy Solutions Inc.

How to Choose the Best Microphone Type for You

Please review this Blog post concerning Choosing the Right Microphone for Your Speech Recognition Solution if you would like to read more. Alternatively, never hesitate to contact Speakeasy Solutions Inc., who will be delighted to assist you with choosing the right solution for you.