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Headsets free your hands for other tasks and are ideal for those in front of the computer for fairly lengthy periods of time.

USB Microphones for the Clearest Audio

Sennheiser USBSpeakeasy Solutions Inc. provided microphone headsets have noise cancellation and function very well in a noisy environment.

Headsets are available in either monaural (one earphone) or stereo/binaural (two earphones).

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. primarily carries headsets by Sennheiser.  Speakeasy Solutions Inc. recommends:

  • the Sennheiser SC series for stationary use (in one location),
  • the Sennheiser CC series for superior noise cancellation and/or when a travelling microphone is required (the CC series are very durable and partially collapsible).

Benefits of Headset Microphones

Available Top of the Head Headset Models

{tab=CC 510 (mono)}

Sennheiser CC 510-USB

Sennheiser CC510

Ultra Noise Cancelling Monaural USB Microphone blocks out a maximum amount of ambient noise, making it easier for the listener to understand what you are saying.

Flexible Microphone Boom Multi-adjustable (pivots 300°). Teflon® - washer arrangement for accurate and stable positioning and optimal durability due to minimized friction between the components. Can be adjusted to the exactly correct position and stays there.

ActiveGard™ - Before an excessive incoming signal even reaches your ears, the patented technology acts as an automatic control in your headset to instantly lower the volume. ActiveGard™ safeguards you from the effects of an acoustic burst.

Balanced Side Support & Comfort Pads - The Balanced Side Support enables a perfect fit of the headset and the headband can further be adjusted accurately on both sides. This, in combination with the luxurious leatherette Comfort Pads will let you experience a unique sense of comfort even when the headset is worn for a whole working day.

Ball-mounted Speaker Capsules - The speaker capsules are self-adjusting and will fit automatically providing you with a sensational wearing comfort.

Product Downloads

{tab=CC 520 (stereo)}

Sennheiser CC 520-USB

Sennheiser CC520Same as the CC 510-USB except a binaural headset with regular sized ear caps and leatherette Comfort Pads.

The speaker capsules are self-adjusting and will fit automatically. This microphone headset also collapses down perfectly for those who need to be mobile with their headsets (i.e. with a notebook).

Product Downloads

{tab=Carry Case}
Carry Case 02
The Carry Case 02 is designed to store and protect your valuable headset and accessories. Reflecting Sennheiser quality throughout, the durable case offers a separate zipped compartment to store dongle and extra cables and a convenient velcro closed compartment for other small accessories. For extra stability during travel, a removable inlay keeps the headset firmly in place. This can be removed for extra storage if needed.

The Carry Case 02 is suitable for all MB Pro headsets, and also fits existing SH and CC headsets.

Sennheiser Carrying Case 02

Product Downloads


Headset Microphone

Use with UI Telephony

These headsets can also be used in conjunction with the Sennheiser UI telephony boxes so that you can use the same headset to speak over the telephone and the PC.