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Installation & Setup

From simple to complex, single office to national, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. expertly configures a seamless digital voice dictation workflow, according to your current and potential future requirements.

Digital Voice Dictation Installation

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. is an authorized Olympus Pro Audio Dealer and a Philips Master Digital Centre. When Speakeasy Solutions Inc. performs the installation of a digital voice dictation solution, we ensure the hardware contains the latest firmware, and that the software is the most current version available at the time.

If a workflow has not been established prior to this point, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. sets up an effective workflow during installation with appropriate input from yourself. Medium to large size offices are encouraged to meet with Speakeasy Solutions Inc. beforehand to discuss and formulate an appropriate workflow.

Why Have Speakeasy Solutions Inc. Install Your Digital Dictation Solution?

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. draws on its vast experience to deploy the digital voice dictation solution, no matter how complex, as rapidly as possible with minimal downtime.

Why Speakeasy Solutions Inc. For Installation

For optimal performance, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. ensures its supplied equipment contains the latest firmware.  Moreover, the latest version and point release of all software is installed, taking advantage of current developments.

Supplied equipment and software is custom configured in accordance with both the end user's preferences and the office's workflow architecture. Custom configuration is required for a smooth operation of the solution.

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. has extensive experience with a multitude of service providers, and therefore the required setups for email configuration for electronic dictation routing.

Remote Installation

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides remote installation and setup services for your digital dictation solution. After your products are received, please contact Speakeasy Solutions Inc. at the appointed time, and we will guide you through the installation and configuration process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Remote installation requires the installation of a remote screen viewer called Team Viewer (Speakeasy Solutions Inc. guides you through this process as well), enabling us to view your computer's Windows screen. It is absolutely imperative that your computer have a high speed internet connection.

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