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Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides you with dedicated, timely and expert digital voice dictation support, based on a long history in technical computer services.

General Digital Voice Dictation Support Information

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. is an Olympus Pro Audio Dealer and a Philips Master Digital Centre, and as such provides you with expert digital voice dictation setup and support services.

A Lifeline When You Need It Most

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. offers multiple support methods:

  • telephone
  • email
  • fax
  • Internet (remote)
  • on site

Product only purchases do not include technical support or setup services. Technical support and setup services are purchased at current rates for such from Speakeasy Solutions Inc. any time after you receive products or are in need.

Service Provision

Technical support services include:

  • digital dictation software,
  • digital transcription software,
  • digital voice dictation software modules,
  • site license management,
  • additional installations and reinstallation,
  • file transfer setup,
  • voice file data recovery if corruption occurs,
  • instant replacement of a digital voice recorder requiring servicing,
  • voice recorders,
  • transcription headsets and foot pedals/foot controls, and
  • accessories such as media cards, batteries, and microphones.

For those who do not wish to contact us immediately, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. offers some commonly experienced issues, along with resolutions, on our Blog. If you do not find answers within the Blog, please contact us.

Before you Contact Us

In order to assist you expeditiously, consider the following:

  1. Please shut down all computer applications (saving any work along the way), and restart your computer. Windows operating systems sometimes enter a poor state, adversely affecting the operation of computer applications. A simple restart/reboot often alleviates problems encountered.
  2. Either take note of any error messages produced OR take screen captures of these error messages (press < Prt Scn > on your keyboard, then open up Paint, MS Word or WordPad, press < Ctrl + v > to paste the captured image, and then save (press < Ctrl + s >) to your hard drive or network. The error messages themselves aid in the tech support process.
  3. Take note of all applications open/running at the time of the problem.
  4. Have there been any system changes lately (i.e. Windows updates, MS Office updates, new applications installed or updated, etc.)?
  5. Have there been any changes made to your network or data storage locations?

Benefits of a Complete Package Solution

When Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides a Complete Digital Voice Dictation Package (digital voice recorder and/or transcriber, installation, setup, and training), Speakeasy Solutions Inc. extends 30 days of complimentary remote technical telephone support and one (1) year of instant replacement insurance for your digital voice recorder should it require servicing (warranty or otherwise).

Available Support Packages

For your convenience, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. currently provides you with the following digital voice dictation support plans.


Customized support packages are available to Speakeasy Solutions Inc.'s clients, and discussed on a case by case basis. These support plans cater to the client and your particular needs (i.e. some clients have their own IT staff and others do not; these factors and many others are considered when designing an effective support solution).

Digital Dictation Extended Support Package

Purchasing a Digital Dictation Extended Support Package ensures that you receive additional support time at a very special rate for 1 year following the date of its purchase.

Extended Digital Dictation Support Packages must be purchased within 30 days of providing the original Digital Voice Dictation Package Solution or within 30 days of the expiration of an existing Extended Digital Dictation Support Package.

Additional support hours may be purchased during an active support package time period and will be active for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Instant Replacement Insurance

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides an Instant Replacement Insurance Add-on. If your digital recorder requires servicing (warranty or otherwise), you are provided with a replacement recorder for the duration of the repair. Shipping & Handling is an extra charge.

Instant Replacement Insurance is complimentary for the first year after Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides the original Complete Digital Voice Dictation Package Solution.  Additional years are provided at current rates if desired.

As Required

If you are not the beneficiary of a digital voice dictation support package, contact us as required for your support needs.  Speakeasy Solutions Inc. is contracted at our standard rates for such.

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