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Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides dynamic instruction in the use of digital voice dictation technologies, designed to have you operational very quickly.

Digital Voice Dictation End User Training

Digital voice dictation training involves the use of a digital voice recorder and/or an accompanying transcription kit (headset and foot pedal). Workflow and best practices for each office are discussed.

Quick & Efficient Instruction from Speakeasy Solutions Inc.


End User Training is conducted after the items have been installed and configured on the author/speaker and transcriptionist's computer systems. For smaller installations, training is given immediately after installation and configuration.  For larger installations, training is organized when mutually convenient.

Typically, training is orchestrated in groups with author/speakers in one group and transcriptionists in another group.  For larger deployments, training in department specific subgroups is often advantageous.

This instruction is typically 20 minutes for each group of author/speakers and 15 minutes for each group of transcriptionists.  Training is designed to give both the author/speaker and transcriptionist a rundown of the vital features of their digital voice dictation solution.  Training time will vary based on the solution and office's needs.

Technical Training

Digital Dictation TrainingTechnical Training is delivered to in-house IT/IS staff who are supporting a large number of users in digital voice dictation technology.  Topics covered are:

  • Installation
  • Setup and configuring
  • Deployment practices
  • Managing workflow
  • Common user support issues
  • Maintenance of equipment and the solution