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Value Added

Reliable, exemplary and flexible digital voice dictation services await you when receiving a complete customer care package from Speakeasy Solutions Inc.

Complete Digital Voice Dictation Package Solution

Purchasing a complete package solution from Speakeasy Solutions Inc. entitles clients to additional services (value adds).  A complete digital voice dictation package solution comprises of:

Benefits of a Complete Package Solution

Digital Voice Dictation Value Added

The following services are included with a complete digital voice dictation package solution:

Retention of Serial Numbers (installation codes)

While Speakeasy Solutions Inc. is able to replace digital dictation and transcription software any time, the included installation codes are the true value.  Accidents happen and the codes or serial numbers become lost or inadvertently recycled.

In your time of need, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. will not only provide you with replacement software, but also the original installation codes.

Installation, Setup, and Training

With Speakeasy Solutions Inc.'s long history in software and hardware, your digital dictation solution is set up with your ease of use in mind.

Based on numerous years serving the medical and legal communities, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. explains the ins and outs of your robust digital voice dictation solution, providing tips and tricks specific to your industry.

Technical Support

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. extends 30 days of complimentary technical telephone support after installation and setup, ensuring you will have peace of mind.

Instant Replacement Insurance

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. offers one (1) year of instant replacement insurance for your digital voice recorder should it require servicing (warranty or otherwise). You are provided with a replacement recorder for the duration of the repair.  Shipping & Handling is additional.

Additional Options

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. also offers a Digital Dictation Extended Support Package, providing a further lifeline and assistance at a special price.

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides additional years of Instant Replacement Insurance, at reasonable rates, extending this valuable coverage.

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