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Workflow Analysis

Mid to large size offices benefit from Speakeasy Solutions Inc.’s workflow analysis, designed to make the most of digital voice dictation technology within a full-scale deployment.

Digital Voice Dictation Workflow Analysis

For medium to large size offices, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. assists with the creation of an effective workflow for the implementation of a digital voice dictation solution. There are numerous factors to be considered and a number of options available.

Guidance through the Many Options Available

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. studies existing workflow patterns, offering suggestions for improvements and integration (or replacement) with digital voice dictation. We encourage the involvement of a select group of IT/IS staff, and possibly several enthusiastic dictators, transcriptionists, and managers.

Depending on the size of the office or institution, several meetings may be required.  These meetings may be held remotely or on site.

Digital Dictation Workflow Analysis