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Establishing your needs results in the provision of a user-friendly speech recognition solution, and aids in the adoption of this productivity enhancing software.

Speech Recognition Consultation

In order to ensure that you receive a series of products and services matching your speech recognition needs, Speakeasy Solutions discusses the following options:

Discover Your Dragon Speech Recognition Solution

This discussion takes place via telephone.  The consults take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, after which Speakeasy Solutions provides one or more estimates based on the discussion.

Detailed Speech Recognition Needs Analysis

Speakeasy Solutions assesses a user's requirements for the most effective speech recognition solution within a specific occupation situation. This particular detailed needs analysis is beneficial for a return to work scenario with accommodation in the workplace and involves an insurance company, employer and employee, as required.

Speakeasy Solutions determines whether or not an existing computer system is adequate, and if not, advises on an acceptable hardware package. We work with an employer's IT/IS staff in this respect. Similarly, if an existing speech recognition solution is in place, we offer suggestions for improvements.

After an interview process with the parties involved regarding job duties and requirements, Speakeasy Solutions  determines the extent of customization and training necessary (although further analysis of some software programs may be required).

Speech-Enabling Analysis

Dragon has varying degrees of compatibility with both mainstream and obscure programs.  In some instances, particularly when a hands-free computing experience is required, a Dragon implementation is enhanced by customization.  Speakeasy Solutions assesses an existing software application for speech-enabling, thereby providing a user with a higher level of accessibility as well as usability.

Speakeasy Solutions meets with appropriate personnel and temporarily installs Dragon® Professional or Dragon® Medical Practice Edition on a PC station for testing and assessment purposes. Someone conversant with the testing software should be in attendance or at least available during this procedure.

Software is tested for three main factors:

  • proficiency of dictation,
  • proficiency of natural navigation, and
  • usability of resident Dragon commands & potential for custom voice command creation.

A written report is also be submitted, if desired.

Dragon Trial

Speakeasy Solutions determines the suitability of speech recognition for individuals with heavy accents or speech impediments.

Speakeasy Solutions meets with the potential speech recognition user and sets up a temporary Dragon® Professional or Dragon® Medical Practice Edition user profile on Speakeasy Solutions' portable notebook computer. Several tests are performed to determine whether or not the user is comfortable with speech recognition, as well as whether or not Dragon will effectively adapt to the user's voice.

Dragon creates profiles based on the following accents:

  • UK English,
  • Australian English,
  • Indian English,
  • Inland Northern US (Great Lakes area),
  • Southern US,
  • Southeast Asian English, and
  • Spanish.