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You will have a lifeline and peace of mind with Speakeasy Solutions’ invaluable and knowledgeable speech recognition assistance.

General Speech Recognition Support Information

Speakeasy Solutions offers multiple support methods:

  • telephone
  • email
  • fax
  • Internet (remote)
  • on site

A Lifeline When You Need It Most

Product only purchases do not include technical support or configuration services. Technical support and setup services are purchased at current rates for such from Speakeasy Solutions any time after you receive products or are in need.

Service Provision

Technical support services include:

  • speech recognition software,
  • additional installations and reinstallation,
  • user profile repair,
  • roaming and single user profile management (importing, exporting and backing up),
  • microphones,
  • digital voice recorders, and
  • telephony devices.

For those who do not wish to contact us immediately, Speakeasy Solutions offers some commonly experienced issues, along with resolutions, on our Blog.  If you do not find answers within the Blog, please contact us.

Before You Contact Us

In order to assist you expeditiously, consider the following:

  1. Please shut down all computer applications (saving any work along the way), and restart your computer. Windows operating systems sometimes enter a poor state, adversely affecting the operation of computer applications. A simple restart/reboot often alleviates problems encountered.
  2. Either take note of any error messages produced OR take screen captures of these error messages (press < Prt Scn > on your keyboard, then open up Paint, MS Word or WordPad, press < Ctrl + v > to paste the captured image, and then save (press < Ctrl + s >) to your hard drive or network. The error messages themselves aid in the tech support process.
  3. Take note of all applications open/running at the time of the problem.
  4. Have there been any system changes lately (i.e. Windows updates, MS Office updates, new applications installed or updated, etc.)?

With the above information, we will be able to assist you more quickly than without.

Benefits of a Complete Package Solution

When Speakeasy Solutions provides a Complete Speech Recognition Package (Dragon, microphone/digital recorder, installation and initial training), you receive complimentary remote Dragon technical support and troubleshooting per Speakeasy Solutions' Terms & Conditions.

On-site support, support beyond the included, and support for other versions of Dragon are billed out at current rates for such.