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Professional & Assistive Solutions

Augment accessibility by functioning hands free, and boosting your work output to accomplish more in a day.

Speech Recognition

Dragon® Professional is the ideal solution for busy corporate professionals who want to work faster and smarter, as well as those with upper limb limitations who are returning to work or for the purposes of general computer use.  Speech recognition enables you to interact with your PC by voice – creating text three times faster than typing -- with up to 99% accuracy -- and control your PC entirely by voice. Increase productivity and accessibility.

Work Hands-Free & Increase Efficiencies

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Dragon Professional With & Without Digital Voice Dictation

Organized below is a flowchart outlining the use of Dragon Professional speech recognition in the office, or outside of the office with a digital voice recorder or Smartphone.

Some individuals will wish to control some or all aspects of email and document generation.  Others are far too busy to spend any time proofreading (editing their misspoken words or correcting Dragon's transcription errors).

Regardless of the level of involvement, Dragon Professional speech recognition saves a professional time, offers more control, and assists in completing various tasks more quickly.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional With & Without Digital Voice Dictation


Digital Voice Dictation

Professional & Assistive Technology SolutionsDigital voice recorders enable you to dictate letters, notes and memos any time. When you have access to a computer, connect the digital recorder and your dictated digital files are transferred (via email, FTP, or LAN) to either a transcriptionist or Dragon. Digital dictation allows you to organize your workload more efficiently and work more productively than with analogue systems.

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