Philips SpeechMike Firmware Update (v 2.56)

SeS Icon Philips SpeechMike Firmware Update Philips announces a firmware update (version 2.56) for the SpeechMike Premium & SpeechMike III handheld microphones.

Firmware updates are always advisable to apply.


Support of Citrix HDX Optimization Pack

When using the Citrix HDX Optimization Pack it sometimes happened that the SpeechMike was dismissed from the USB host and the SpeechMike stopped working.

With this update the SpeechMike now reliably works in these environments.

Importance: Optional (only for customers using the Citrix HDX Optimization Pack)

Support of Mouse Buttons in Keyboard Mode

On SpeechMike Premium LFH3500/3600 series devices in keyboard mode the mouse buttons were non-functional.

This firmware upgrade now enables the mouse buttons for the mentioned devices in keyboard mode.

Importance: Optional (only for customers using LFH3500/3600 series devices in keyboard mode)

Speakeasy Solutions does not take any responsibility for following the steps within this post. If you are a client of Speakeasy Solutions and your SpeechMike has been damaged as a result of this process, contact us immediately for assistance.

Obtain the Firmware

Download the firmware for your model of the Philips SpeechMike handheld microphone. The following links provide you with download locations for the most recent firmware:

Download the firmware to your Desktop or other location.

Downloaded Firmware on Desktop

Extract the Firmware from the Downloaded Zipped File

Right-click the zipped firmware file and Extract the file’s contents to a convenient location such as your Desktop.

Extracting Firmware

Extract files

[click image for larger view]
unzipped and zipped folder

The extracted folder will contain a note in .htm format and the actual firmware in a .bin format.

Contents of extracted firmware folder

[click image for larger view]

Start the Speech Control aka Philips Device Control Center Software

Before you start the Philips Device Control Center, ensure that your SpeechMike is connected to your computer. If it is not connected, plug the SpeechMike into your computer. NOTE: if your computer needs to install the drivers for your SpeechMike, restart your computer after the drivers have been installed and carry on as follows.

Start the Speech Control software in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Start Menu> All Programs> Philips Speech Control> Philips Device Control Center
  • Click the Philips Device Control Center icon which is likely in the hidden portion of your task tray

PDCC in task tray


Load the Firmware

Within the Philips Device Control Center, click Device> Firmware upgrade.

Click Import.

PDCC Device> Firmware upgrade> Import

[click image for larger view]

Browse to the folder containing the downloaded firmware.

Click OK.

Browse for folder

[click image for larger view]

The Philips Device Control Center will confirm that the importation has been successful. Click OK.

PDCC confirmation of import

Upgrade the SpeechMike’s Firmware

Select the latest firmware within the list, and click Upgrade.

Upgrade latest firmware

[click image for larger view]

Confirm that you wish to upgrade the SpeechMike by clicking Yes, upgrade the device.

DCC Confirmation of upgrade

The Firmware upgrade will begin, with a warning not to disconnect the SpeechMike until the upgrade is complete.

Firmware upgrade warning

Once complete, the Firmware upgrade dialog box disappears.

Upgrade complete

[click image for larger view]

Click Device> Firmware upgrade to confirm that the most recent version is current.

Confirm firmware upgrade successful


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