Which Web Browsers Work for Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

Which Web Browsers Work for Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

One of the major changes in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is that of compatibility with web browsers. Previously, Dragon Medical usually worked quite well with Internet Explorer, sometimes with Mozilla Firefox, and painfully with Google Chrome. That has now changed.

Understanding Compatibility between Dragon and Web Browsers

After the installation of Dragon and upon opening a web browser, there is (usually) a prompt for enabling a browser add-on. This add-on allows for Full Text Control (the ability to edit and correct text entirely by voice) within most text regions. When Full Text Control is available in a web browser’s text region, the first word spoken within a text region is capitalized, and appropriate spacing occurs between words and sentences. Without Full Text Control, creating and editing text feels cumbersome.

That said, when Full Text Control is not available in a web browser, or a web browser’s text region, Dragon’s Dictation Box functions very well and fills the gap. Moreover, with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition, the Dictation Box in hidden mode enables physicians to dictate while reviewing labs, chart notes, and more; the resulting dictation is trapped and transcribed within the Dictation Box (regardless of which window is active, or where the current cursor position resides).

Browser Compatibility Is in a Nutshell

Internet Explorer

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 continues to work quite well with Internet Explorer as a result of the browser add-on.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox discontinued the support for the Dragon browser add-on as of March 2017. At some point in the future an updated add-on will allow for Full Text Control and compatibility within Firefox.

Until this updated add-on is available, consider using the Dictation Box or modify your dictation method to account for the lack of Full Text Control.

Google Chrome

As a result of the new browser add-on, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 works exceptionally well within Google Chrome now.

Impact on Web-Based EMRs

Most web-based EMRs are optimized within the Google Chrome browser. As such, the new compatibility between Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and Google Chrome is a tremendous boon for physicians utilizing these web-based EMRs.

Working with the Add-On

If the request to enable the add-on does not appear upon opening a web browser for the first time after the installation of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4, visit the following webpage and follow the instructions as appropriate: https://dnsriacontent.nuance.com/13/addons.html?lang=enx

If the add-on ceases to function, try the following method:

  • Disable the add-on.
  • Shut down the browser.
  • Reenable the add-on.

As always, clients of Speakeasy Solutions are encouraged to contact us for further support.

Upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

How to Purchase

  1. Contact Alexandria of Speakeasy Solutions by telephone (604-264-9109 or 1-888-964-9109 Ext. 102).
  2. Send an email expressing what you wish.
  3. Purchase online.
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