Custom Dragon Voice Commands – The Key to Efficiency

As a Dragon Medical & Professional speech recognition trainer, one of my favourite activities is assisting clients improve their day-to-day productivity with the use of custom Dragon Voice Commands. I recognize that this sounds like a sales line or lofty advertisement, but after 17 years training end-users and over 20 years of personal Dragon experience, I can assure you that employing custom Dragon Voice Commands makes your life easier, saves you time, and possibly even reduces computer frustrations.

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Using Dragon to Move throughout an Excel Spreadsheet

SeS Icon Using Dragon in Excel For anyone spending a great deal of time using Dragon in Excel, mastering a basic set of commands including manoeuvring through an Excel spreadsheet (or worksheet) is paramount.

While Dragon provides a multitude of different methods for moving around an individual worksheet, or even throughout multiple worksheets, challenges arise when moving to any cell or column beyond Z (such as AA, BD, and so on).

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Philips SpeechMike Firmware Update (v 2.56)

SeS Icon Philips SpeechMike Firmware Update Philips announces a firmware update (version 2.56) for the SpeechMike Premium & SpeechMike III handheld microphones.

Firmware updates are always advisable to apply.

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Announcing Dragon Professional Group 15

SeS Icon Dragon Professional Group 15

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. announces the release of Dragon® Professional Group 15, based on the core of Dragon® Professional Individual 15. The bottom line is that Dragon® Professional Group will have all the benefits of Dragon® Professional Individual 15’s amazing advancements.

Moreover, the Dragon Professional lineup will now have 3 products:

  • Dragon® Professional Individual
  • Dragon® Professional Group Single User
  • Dragon® Professional Group Enterprise

Product pricing has not yet been released, nor the upgrade paths that are possible. We will pass on this information once it has been made available to us. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Dragon Professional 15 Training Workbook

SeS Icon Dragon Professional 15 Training Materials Speakeasy Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its signature training materials:

The Dragon Training Workbook Version 15 for Dragon Professional Individual 15 and the upcoming Dragon Professional Group 15.

Speakeasy Solutions creates their own training materials for use with clients. With over 16 years working with medical, and legal professionals, as well as those with physical limitations, government, and corporate individuals, Speakeasy Solutions understands the need for productivity.

We teach the quickest and most efficient methods for using dictation technologies in your everyday use. We also teach a multitude of methods affecting a variety of results — dependent upon your preferences and needs. We skip sections and information that is not useful to you, focusing on knowledge that will enhance your experience.

Afterwards, the training materials become a resource for you to refer to whenever needed.  Training materials are updated regularly, taking into account new versions, features, and updates.

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Dragon® Professional Individual 15 & Microsoft Office 2010 Graphical Display Issue

SeS Icon Dragon® Professional Individual 15 & Microsoft Office 2010 Graphical Display Issue Immediately after the release of Dragon® Professional Individual 15, our Microsoft Office 2010 clients reported a very curious bug.

Within both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word, the text displayed would appear jumbled, duplicated, or otherwise unreadable.

If Dragon is closed, the graphical display issue vanishes. Some clients found temporary relief in scrolling up and down through the Outlook or Word window. Regardless, this has been quite the showstopper for a number of our clients.

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Announcing Dragon Professional Individual 15

SeS Icon Dragon Professional Individual 15Speakeasy Solutions is pleased to announce the new versions, Dragon® Professional Individual 15 and Dragon® Legal Individual 15.

This notice does not cover Dragon® Medical Practice Edition or Dragon® Professional/Legal Group products.

As always, Speakeasy Solutions recommends the Dragon Professional products to its legal practitioners. The Dragon Legal products are geared towards American law and verbiage.

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