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Digital Recorders and Transcription Kits

Make no compromises; your dictation must flow reliably and efficiently. Invest in a professional digital voice dictation solution with Speakeasy Solutions Inc.

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders enable you to dictate correspondence, notes, memos and reports away from the computer at any time. When you return to the computer, simply download the digital files from the recorder directly to the PC (local or networked), and either the transcriptionist or Dragon NaturallySpeaking can then transcribe the dictation. Digital files can also be sent through the Internet (email, FTP) and transcription performed once received.

Professional Digital Dictation Equipment

Features and Benefits

Digital voice dictation is simple. Create a new file for each dictation, if desired. Each file is date and time stamped. Folders allow prioritization or organization. Each file is also given a unique number and identifier, preventing inadvertent overwriting or deletion -- especially useful in group scenarios.

There are no tapes to lose or break. Unlike analog tape recorder units, a digital recorder is not subject to the same wear and tear, which provides the user with virtually problem free usage. If the on board digital storage or cards do not provide sufficient recording time, additional or larger capacity cards are easily added.

Playback, rewind, and inserting dictation in the middle of a pre-recorded dictation are simple. The sound quality of digital voice recordings is immeasurably superior to tape analog systems.

Use with Dragon

With Dragon, you need not be present during its transcription of digital voice files. In fact, once your profile has been set up for use with a digital recorder, anyone can perform the transcription through Dragon and make necessary edits and corrections. Alternatively, Dragon's auto transcribe feature will automatically transcribe downloaded digital voice files without human involvement.

Call us Today about Digital Dictation SolutionsThe on board microphone input of the Olympus DS-7000 and Philips 9600 digital voice recorders are the highest quality of digital recorders presently available for speech recognition.

New as of Dragon version 11, the recognition accuracy achieved with a quality digital recorder, on a PC that meets minimum specifications, is absolutely astounding and quite like nothing seen before in the melding of these two technologies.

Digital Transcribers

Digital transcription kits use a familiar foot pedal and headset combination so that a transcriptionist can transcribe in the traditional manner (keyboard typing) yet with numerous benefits from the accompanying software.

Many options are available to suit any office environment -- from single person practices to large offices with a staff specializing in many different fields.

From a simple to an elaborate solution, digital transcription has the flexibility to grow as the needs arise in any environment.

Features and Benefits

Digital transcription allows for controlled workflow management from the simple to the complex. Regardless of how many author/speakers or transcriptionists there are in an office, an effective solution can be set up that allows a author/speaker's dictation to flow directly to the intended recipient(s).

Send digital files either across the network, via email, FTP transfer, or a combination thereof. Save digital files to the local hard drive, attach notes and then send as appropriate. The process can be automated, manual, or even a combination.

When reviewing analog audio tapes to locate a specific dictation, a tremendous amount of time is often wasted performing this task. On the other hand, a digital solution allows an easy review of the first several seconds of a series of files, enabling rapid location of the sought after file. Moreover, because the digital voice files are date and time stamped, the dictations are much easier to preview.

Other advantages within the digital transcription software are the ability to modify the speed of playback, how far back a dictation will rewind when playback is resumed from a stopped position, and of course volume. Background noise can also be filtered out which is extremely effective when the author/speaker has been dictating in a noisy environment.

Add typewritten notes to dictations within a typing pool for further follow-up or continuance.