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Philips Accessories

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. provides Philips accessories for your digital voice dictation and transcription solutions.

Make the Most of Your Philips Devices

Philips accessories are designed to help you make the most of your Philips dictation devices. They guarantee optimal results and ensure that your Philips products enjoy a long life. Simply choose from our large selection of original supplies and accessories and experience the difference for yourself.

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Accessories for your digital voice recorder solution.

{tab=Docking Station}

Docking Station LFH9120
Docking Station LFH9120

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600

Dock your Digital Pocket Memo for fast and easy transfer of your dictation files to your PC with the compact USB Docking Station. Just dock to connect your Digital Pocket Memo to charge the batteries and keep your device always ready for use. For hands-free dictating, place your Digital Pocket Memo in the Docking Station and record directly to your PC.

Easy File Transfer

  • Upload dictation files from your Digital Pocket Memo directly to a PC

Easy Charging

  • The Fast Recharge feature recharges the batteries in your Digital Pocket Memo while in the docking station, even when the unit it not switched on

Easy Dictating

  • Record dictations directly onto a PC while your Digital Pocket Memo is in the Docking Station

Package Contents

  • USB Docking Station 9120
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • 2 rechargeable Philips AAA batteries 9154
  • User manual

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{tab=LAN Docking Station}

LAN Docking Station LFH9160
LAN Docking Station LFH9160

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600

The innovative Philips LAN Docking Station adds an entirely new dimension to PC-free file transfer. It allows dictations to be transferred via LAN from the Digital Pocket Memo directly to the transcriptionist. Free of geographical constraint: dictations can be sent to any destination, whether to the room next door or anywhere in the world. There is no need to connect the docking station to a PC, no need for software, and only minimum user training is necessary. It can also be set up and maintained via remote configuration. Encryption and password protection on the Digital Pocket Memo ensure that dictations can be sent securely over the company network or the Internet.

Simplify the Dictation Workflow

  • Upload the dictation files from your Digital Pocket Memo directly to the network, bypassing your PC or any other application.
  • Reduce document turnaround time by transferring files directly to a transcriptionist.


Guaranteed High Security

  • Secure file transfer supported via SFTP
  • Password protection for secure configuration access
  • Theft protection with Kensington lock


Easy Maintenance

  • Platform independence enables easy configuration via a Web browser
  • Centralized set-up and administration for multiple Docking Stations
  • Minimum user training required

Package Contents

  • LAN Docking Station 9160
  • Power supply
  • RJ45 network cable
  • User manual

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{tab=Power Supply}

Power Supply LFH9146
Power Supply LFH9146

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and Conference Recording System 955

{tab=Rechargeable Batteries}

Rechargeable Batteries LFH9154
Rechargeable Batteries LFH9154

  • For use with Digital Pocket Memo 9600

Replacement rechargeable batteries for your DPM.

Speakeasy Solutions Inc. does not advise using any other rechargeable battery in this device.

Philips Accessories


Accessories for your digital transcription solution.

{tab=Stereo Headphones}

Stereo Headphones LFH0334Stereo Headphones LFH0334
A lightweight under-the-chin style stereo headset designed to deliver excellent sound quality, with soft ear cushions for wearing comfort, and a hanging bracket that attaches the headset to a monitor.


Made to Fit You

  • Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use
  • Under chin style to fit all ears for better comfort

Improved Sound Quality

  • A 14 mm / ½ " speaker driver optimizes high audio quality
  • Gold-plated plug ensures an ultra reliable connection
  • Neodymium magnet enhances sensitivity and sound quality

More Freedom to Move

  • A 3 meter / 10-foot cable gives you the freedom to move about your work area without removing your headset

Package Contents

  • Stereo headphones
  • Hanging bracket
  • Two exchangeable ear cushions

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{tab=Hand Control}

Hand Control LFH2305Hand Control LFH2305
The USB hand control is the perfect complement to control transcription applications through an accessory that attaches to the keyboard.  This tool delivers ergonomic design for instances where a 'keyboard' control is preferable -- or when a foot control cannot be used.

The hand control allows complete control of foot control functions with a tap of the thumb.  The control also provides ergonomic benefits for users who prefer not to remain in a sitting position while transcribing.

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{tab=Foot Control}

USB Foot Control - Enhanced LFH2330USB Foot Control - Enhanced LFH2330
The ergonomic design of the new Philips Foot Control range sets new standards in terms of usability in the professional dictation arena. The development is based on detailed research into the movements made during transcription. The requirements for usage have been incorporated into its design: because it inclines gently from the centre, the user can switch easily and smoothly between the various functions. Transcriptionists can stop and start dictations with only a slight movement of the heel, without lifting the foot unnecessarily, which both increases efficiency and makes the device a pleasure to work with.

Pathbreaking Design

  • Ergonomic design sets new standards in terms of professional usablility and comfort
  • Developed in cooperation with ergonomists and professional end users

Efficient Handling

  • Slim design for minimized physical strain due to less foot movement
  • Anti-slip bottom elements keep the foot control in the right place

Advanced Versatility

  • Configurable pedal functions for tailoring the foot control to your personal preferences
  • Four different models allow you to choose the device that fits best to your working habits

Package Contents

  • Foot Control
  • User manual
  • Installation CD (LFH 2310 / 2330 / 2320)

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