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Handheld microphones are very accurate overall and useful for short bursts of dictation or those who prefer holding a microphone.

Most Popular Handheld Microphones

The Philips SpeechMike Premium is currently the most popular handheld microphone for use with speech recognition. The LFH3500 offers a trackball for moving the mouse while the SMP3700 provides a touch sensor for navigation.

Benefits of Handheld Microphones

This USB dictation microphone is designed specifically for improved speech recognition results. If you are a physician that wishes to dictate without compromise, this handheld microphone is for you.

Olympus offers their Directrec DR-1200, which works reasonably well with Dragon.

Comparison of most common handheld microphones

Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch SMP3700 USB

Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch USB SMP3700

SpeechMike Premium Touch is the latest innovation from Philips. It comes with a premium decoupled studio quality microphone, a built-in noise reduction filter, antimicrobial housing and a motion sensor for the clearest speech recordings and most accurate speech recognition results. The new touch sensor ensures easier navigation, saving you even more time.

Tuned for Clarity

  • Decoupled studio-quality microphone for precise recording
  • Microphone grille with optimized structure for crystal clear sound
  • Integrated pop filter for perfect recording quality
  • Large speaker area for premium playback

Crafted for Comfort

  • Ergonomically shaped for perfect fit in the hand
  • Wear-free slide switch or push buttons for comfortable operation
  • Integrated motion sensor mutes microphone when not in use
  • Touch sensor for integrated mouse function

Designed for Detail

  • Antimicrobial housing and buttons for hygienic working
  • Freely configurable function keys for a personalized workflow
  • Smart, backwards compatible firmware for extra flexibility

Using the Philips SpeechMike Premium (Touch & Trackball) with Dragon

Using the Philips SpeechMike Premium with Dragon NaturallySpeaking & Dragon Medical Practice Edition Training WorkbookThis 44 page Resource Guide provides an overview of the Philips SpeechMike Premium's device settings, along with the new features (pick and drop, microphone motion control, and scroll wheel function). This booklet is free with the purchase of a Philips SpeechMike Premium from Speakeasy Solutions.

Application controls are covered in more detail, outlining how to assign buttons, along with a detailed description of the Dragon commands possible.

Examples are also provided for the most commonly assigned functions (i.e. opening a file, creating a new document based on a Microsoft Word template etc.).

Tips for using the Philips SpeechMike Premium with an EMR (electronic medical record application) and some troubleshooting notes are also provided.

View the Table of Contents.


The Resource Guide provides over 30, easy to follow, screen captures, with instructions on Philips SpeechMike Premium configuration.

Topics include:

  • basic & advanced device settings,
  • exporting & uploading settings,
  • assigning functionality to buttons,
  • Dragon command functionality,
  • suggested optimal settings,
  • tips for use with electronic medical record applications, and
  • troubleshooting tips.

Speakeasy Solutions Optimal Configuration Settings

For clients who receive a complete speech recognition solution package (Dragon, SpeechMike, installation, and training), Speakeasy Solutions provides and sets up an optimal configuration file for the SpeechMike (based on clients' most desired configuration).

Clients who purchase their Philips SpeechMike Premium from Speakeasy Solutions receive:

  • the 44 page booklet
  • the optimal configuration files
  • optimal and blank configuration settings cheat sheet

Philips SpeechMike Premium Blank Configuration

Use this convenient PDF to record your custom device configuration settings.

Available Models

USB SpeechMike Premium Touch with

  • push-button operation

Product Downloads


USB SpeechMike Premium Touch with

  • push-button operation and
  • integrated barcode scanner

Product Downloads

USB SpeechMike Premium Touch with

  • slide-switch operation and
  • integrated barcode scanner

Product Downloads


Philips SpeechMike Premium LFH3500 USB

Philips SpeechMike Premium USB LFH 3500

The SpeechMike Premium takes dictation to a new level. May it be the free-floating studio quality Precision Microphone, a microphone grille with optimized structure, built-in noise-reduction pop filter, antimicrobial surface or the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device – the SpeechMike Premium sets the new standard.

Premium quality

  • New microphone suspension – best in class recording quality for highest SR accuracy
  • Large speaker area – provides clear and crisp audio playback
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel trackball – guarantees a smooth operation over the entire lifetime

Robust and Reliable

  • Doubled wall thickness in vulnerable areas – provides remarkable drop resistance
  • Developed for low power USB ports – reliable utilization in all computer environments


  • Front keypad design further optimized – for blind operation and intuitive use
  • Clickable dynamic laser trackball – ideal for controlling PC applications
  • Integrated motion sensor – avoids unintended recordings e.g. in case of an incoming phone call
  • Configurable scroll wheel function – conveniently scroll through your documents, e-mails, …


  • Four programmable function keys – make more out of your SpeechMike
  • New “instruction” button for button devices – more flexibility for speech recognition commands
  • Reconfigurable buttons - personalize your SpeechMike to your preferences

Geared for Dragon Speech Recognition

  • Free-floating, decoupled microphone - eliminates touch noise and click noise
  • Improved noise cancelling effect – reduces disturbing background noise to a minimum
  • Integrated pop filter – perfect results even if dictating closely into the microphone
  • Metal microphone grille with optimized structure – provides crystal clear recordings
  • Further optimized frequency response – for best speech recognition results
  • Polished cabinet and buttons – avoids unwanted touch noise

Philips SpeechMike Premium Blank Button Configuration Form

Available Models

LFH3500 (our most highly recommended handheld)
USB SpeechMike Premium with

  • push-button operation

Product Downloads


USB SpeechMike Premium with

  • push-button operation and
  • integrated barcode scanner

Product Downloads

USB SpeechMike Premium with

  • slide-switch operation and
  • integrated barcode scanner

Product Downloads


Philips SpeechMike Air

Philips SpeechMike AirThe highly professional PC microphone takes handheld dictation to a new level, no longer restraining you by a cord. The SpeechMike Air delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities and refined ergonomics for convenient operation.

Professional operation

  • Recording control with 4-position slide switch or push button version
  • One thumb operation of all dictation features
  • Intuitive recording with the push-to-talk function
  • High quality microphone for excellent recording quality


  • Superb recording quality optimized for speech recognition
  • Trackball for navigation through documents replaces the mouse
  • High-end front speaker for crystal-clear playback

Designed around you

  • Clearly visible LEDs indicate record, insert and overwrite mode
  • Ergonomic and elegant office design for best user comfort
  • Three function buttons for individual configuration
  • All accessories included for out of the box usage

Available Models

SpeechMike Air with

  • push-button operation

Product Downloads

SpeechMike Air with

  • push-button operation and
  • SpeechExec professional dictation software

Product Downloads

SpeechMike Air with

  • push-button operation and
  • SpeechExec professional dictation software
  • including SR module (speech recognition)

Product Downloads

SpeechMike Air with

  • slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, rewind)

Product Downloads

SpeechMike Air with

  • slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, rewind) and
  • SpeechExec professional dictation software

Product Downloads

SpeechMike Air with

  • slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, rewind) and
  • SpeechExec professional dictation software
  • including SR module (speech recognition)

Product Downloads


Olympus DR-1200 USB Handheld

Olympus DR-1200 USB Handheld

Olympus introduces the next generation of Directrec USB microphones. The new line of direct audio recording systems sets benchmarks in terms of its durable and ergonomic design, operability and excellent audio quality. The DR-1200 has been designed for prolonged usage, with a smooth and rounded back for comfortable hold, in addition to a carefully considered interface layout featuring consolidated main buttons for one-thumb operation and a stainless steel trackball for extra-precise navigation. Extra large record and playback push buttons ensure efficient operation.

Besides maximum ease of use and efficiency, this device is equipped with a low-noise directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises and ensure the best results in speech recognition and transcription. The DR-1200 is engineered to work best with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software and delivers perfect results that are more accurate than ever. A powerful and integrated speaker with digital volume control supports a clear playback.

  • Push button and Track Ball -- Intuitively positioned button layout enabling single-handed control with push button and track ball.
  • Low-noise directional microphone -- The low-noise directional microphone blocks unwanted background noises, guaranteeing ultra-clear dictation recording.
  • 5 Programmable buttons -- Allows for customization of the designated buttons to suit any recording condition or environment.
  • Direct Recording to PC or MAC -- The DR-1200 is compatible with WinXP Sevice Pack 3, 2K, Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit), Windows 7 Ultimate Professional (32 bit/64bit) and MAC OS 10.4.11 - 10.6 systems.
  • Play back volume control -- Recordings can be played back, without the need for specialty drives, using the integrated, powerful built-in speaker for high-quality acoustic playback.
  • 3 color LED (Red, Green, Blue) -- A triple-color LED shows the current recording status.

Olympus Directrec Blank Button Configuration Form

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