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Voice Commands for Dragon

Productivity-enhancing voice commands for Dragon Professional & Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

About the SeS Dragon Voice Commands

Speakeasy Solutions provides clients with two sets of custom created voice commands:

Essential Commands for Dragon

These commands pick up where Dragon leaves off. While there are hundreds of commands built into Dragon, there is a surprising void with respect to some voice command functionality.

Command Samples for Dragon

These are editable sample commands based on the most requested custom commands by our clients.

Use Voice Commands to Increase Productivity

Essential Commands for Dragon Details

These essential commands expand Dragon's built-in repertoire for both general and advanced computer use. These commands are designed for a more hands-free experience, as well as improving efficiencies.

Command functionality includes:

  • Text editing
  • Navigation
  • Dragon related
  • Dragon's Command Browser
  • Computer control
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word

Specific example functionality:

  • Deleting and selecting text to the start or end of a line.
  • Adding parentheses (), braces {}, or angle <> punctuation marks around selected text.
  • Pressing the tab, enter, and other often used keys multiple times (up to 20).
  • Toggling the automatic appearance of the dictation box for unsupported applications.
  • Opening the control panel's Sounds dialog.
  • Highlighting text a specific colour in MS word.
  • And more…

Command Samples for Dragon Details

Speakeasy Solutions provides clients with a series of sample commands based on the most sought after custom commands requested by legal and medical Dragon users. The sample commands behave as templates for your own custom commands used to increase efficiencies through speeding up tasks regularly performed on your computer.

Example sample commands include:

  • Logging on to a website.
  • Opening a specific folder on your computer or network.
  • Forwarding an email (for Microsoft Outlook) to a specific person with a notation in the body.
  • Creating a new letter based on a template in Microsoft Word.
  • Perform a search on a specific web search engine according to your parameters.
  • And more…

Availability of the SeS Voice Commands for Dragon

Speakeasy Solutions’ Voice Commands are available to clients of Speakeasy Solutions who:

  • Receive a Complete Speech Recognition Solution (Dragon, plus a microphone or digital voice recorder, plus installation, plus 6 hours of Complete Training),
  • Receive a Complete Upgrade Package (Dragon Upgrade, plus installation, plus 2 hours of Upgrade Training), or
  • Purchase Dragon from Speakeasy Solutions.

The SeS Voice Commands for Dragon are complimentary for those who receive a Complete Package from Speakeasy Solutions, and otherwise available for purchase by those who have received a Dragon product from Speakeasy Solutions.