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How to Schedule an Appointment

Step-by-step instructions for booking an appointment.

Speakeasy Solutions provides products & services within Canada only. Appointments made by those outside of Canada will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

Sample Booking (Dragon pre-sales consult)

Proceed to the booking/scheduling webpage.

Click the appropriate Category (in this example, Pre-Sales Consultation).

Click the appropriate Service (in this example, Dragon Solution Phone Consult | no charge).

Choose your time zone from the drop down list below Canada.

Click the date desired from the month displayed on the left side of the screen; book up to 12 months ahead.

Click the appropriate starting time from times available on the right side of the screen.

Click Continue.

Enter your information (name, email, phone, and so on).

Click Done.

Finished! You will receive an email confirmation.

On-Site vs Remote Appointments

Click the appropriate Category (in this example, Dragon | Training).

Some Services are REMOTE (using telephone and an internet connection) and others are ON-SITE (conducted at your location). If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area, opt for ON-SITE where available. All other services and customer locations outside the GVA are REMOTE.

Installation on Multiple Computers

Click the appropriate Category (in this example, Digital Dictation | Installation & Configuration).

Installation and configuration Services are performed on 1 or more computers. In such instances, choose the appropriate quantity. If appropriate, also choose REMOTE or ON-SITE (see above).